Lost in the Maze

During a Friday night of too much murder and not enough help, Sacramento Sheriff’s detective Susan Edmonds is roused out of bed to “just go sign the paperwork” for release of a body to the coroner’s office. According to the young patrol deputy standing by, Dee Polachek, CSU had come and gone, declaring that the nude female died from apparent natural causes.

When Susan recognizes the victim as her best friend, JJ, a California parole agent, she’s sure the crime scene was staged to ruin her friend’s personal and professional reputation. In the state capitol where politics affect everything, the death of a state parole agent in a reported BDSM playhouse would be front page news and ripe fodder for the morning talk shows.

Truth being more important to Susan than caring about whose toes she steps on or the rules she breaks to find it, she puts together an off-the-record investigative team consisting of Dee, three parole agents, and Ivan—JJ’s half-wolf/half-dog. Now the hunt is on with suspects ranging from a sadistic sex offender parolee-at-large to a few judges and high political figures…to a BDSM Dungeon Master named Girard.


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