Kona Gold (Book #6 in the Mike Montego Series)

Book #6 in Jess Waid’s Mike Montego Series

LAPD detective Mike Montego can’t seem to escape trouble. Fleeing the mean streets of Los Angeles for the balmy beaches of Hawaii to clear his mind after a hasty Vegas wedding, he soon finds himself saying aloha to Waikiki as he rolls up his investigative sleeves and tackles the task of unraveling the murder of a local surfer. Montego becomes enmeshed in a dangerous world of narcotics smuggling and human trafficking, far from the island of tiki torches and fruity cocktails most tourists enjoy. With both his marriage (courtesy of a gorgeous Eurasian next door neighbor) and his life in jeopardy, Montego cracks the case and makes a surprising discovery in the process.

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