A Man in Heat

Dallas Barnes is back! Read the newest police thriller from the bestselling author of “City of Passion” and “Deadly Justice”…

Jake Prescott is a respected LA cop, until the day he empties his Glock into his wife’s killer in a detective squad room. A trial board quickly turns him into an ex-cop. An ex-cop with nowhere to hide.

Las Vegas-the City of Chance, Babylon in the desert, a place with no clocks, first names only, glimmering day and night-offers him refuge. That is until fate curses him a second time as the shadow of another murder hangs over him.

April Winters, a hauntingly attractive Las Vegas homicide detective, draws a thin line between fact and fantasy, as she pieces together a bloody multi-murder with Jake as a prime suspect. Hidden behind the glitter of Las Vegas, Jake Prescott struggles not only for innocence, but identity, fighting an unforgiving Blue Fraternity haunting him with a past he wants to forget…and a future filled with a deadly mix of both passion and fear.

What others are saying about A Man in Heat:

“Reminiscent of the golden age of crime writing, Dallas Barnes hits the mark … ratcheting up the heat in an already sweltering city, This book is not one to miss, and I’ll be looking forward to the next Jake Prescott story.” -David Putnam, best-selling author of The Innocents

“A Man In Heat heralds the triumphant return of the King of Cop-Writers. Dallas Barnes rips away the badge to expose the violent emotional cost of being a cop.”-Paul Bishop, 35 year L.A.P.D. veteran and author of Lie Catchers

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